Copperblock is a conceptual rebrand of a well-known sun care brand, coppertone. The packaging delivers a particular flair for simplicity and directness. Minimalism becomes far more noticeable when everything else on the shelf is overly complicated. The yellow lines on the package depict the intensity of each SPF and the amount of sunlight entering our bodies.
Brand Identity + Rebrand + Art direction 

Chief is an exclusive network dedicated to connecting and supporting women executives. It's a space for her to continue to invest in her career, personal life and her leadership. 
Brand Identity + Rebrand 

Meal on Wheels is a conceptual rebrand of the icon food delivery service, which is more than just a meal. The concept focuses on the enormous deed behind every knock on the door. The brand system is about each knock which delivers love, care and compassion to our ageing family members and neighbours.
Brand concept + Identity System 

Echo - Motion identity video introducing ‘Echo’ from the past. Online music streaming platform that is specially designed for classics from the past. 

Motion identity + storytelling 
Junk food for the mind - Social media can cause mental problems much like mouthwaterin junk food damages our physical health. Social media is easy to consume and provides instant gratification but it leaves us feeling unfulfilled and anxious. My project illustrates the grim facts of social media addiction by drawing an analogy to fast food. The nutritional breakdown of fast food is compared to the emotional repercussions of social media. Wordplay and illustrations based on food labels and social media jargon dramatizes issues such as cyberbullying, anxiety, and depression.

Thesis Book + Exhibition